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Help for Heroes at Christmas 0

Posted on December 22, 2010 by jdobson

At this time of year, it’s easy to have a lot on your mind. With Christmas shopping, sorting out family, the Christmas dinner and the weather to worry about it’s inevitable that something will be forgotten.

Many people forget about the armed forces.

The Army, the Navy, the Marines and the RAF do a challenging, important, difficult and dangerous job, which often means being away at Christmas.

This season is about family, friends and supposed to be full of joy, but think about those people who won’t be seeing their fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters this year, because they’re fighting in a different country, or worse.

This is an excerpt from The Ministry of Defence website:

“As at 5 December 2010, a total of 346 British forces personnel or MOD civilians have died while serving in Afghanistan since the start of operations in October 2001.

Of these, 305 were killed as a result of hostile action. 41 are known to have died either as a result of illness, non-combat injuries or accidents, or have not yet officially been assigned a cause of death pending the outcome of an investigation. The balance of these figures may change as inquests are concluded.”

Surprisingly, the troops who are away from home are quite cheerful, despite the fact that they won’t be home to see in the New Year. The British Army has posted videos to YouTube with soldiers giving a Christmas Message to all of us back home, which gives hope and joy to so many people without their loved ones.

There’s a lot you can do to support our troops.

Help for Heroes is a charity founded by Bryn and Emma Parry in October 2007 out of a desire to help the wounded Servicemen and women returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The message of the charity is simple: We are strictly non political and non critical; we simply want to help. We believe that anyone who volunteers to serve in time of war, knowing that they may risk all, is a hero. These are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and some of them are living with the consequences of their service for life. We may not be able to prevent our soldiers from being wounded, but together we can help them get better.

Help for Heroes has been the target of the X Factor Finalists charity single twice. In 2008 the finalists released Hero, the Mariah Carey song, and it became the fastest selling charity single in a decade, selling an amazing 600,000 plus copies to help raise funds for the H4H Rehabilitation Complex at Headley Court. This year, the finalists recorded a version of Heroes, the David Bowie hit, to help raise funds for the new Recovery Centres for our wounded heroes. It got to Number 1 in the chart in its first week of release and the single is still available to buy or download.

They do hugely important work in helping the Forces and there’s no reason why you can’t get involved too.

To see how you can help, click here to go to the Help for Heroes website.

To see the Christmas Messages done by the Armed Forces in Afghanistan, click here.

I will be visiting the Advent Beach Huts tonight on South side tonight for their tribute to the British Armed Forces. Hope to see some of you there!

Iced Over! 1

Posted on December 15, 2010 by lward

Seafront after snow shower

Since the snow started to fall last month, much of the country has been at a stand still, with Yorkshire being one of the worst affected areas. We’ve seen the closure of schools and a stand-still in public transport, resulting in chaos on the roads and people being unable to get to work.

Some residents of Bridlington are still suffering, with much of the roads and pavements in residential areas covered in solid ice, making it a tough task to get around, particularly for the elderly.

Residents from the Martongate/Crake area of town, expressed their concern, saying more should be done to prevent accidents happening. Local businesses also took a hit, due to lack of custom, or simply not opening at all. Usually heaving with school kids at lunch time, is Fish & Chips at 149, but, while Headlands was shut, they had only a fraction of the customers.

Maureen, a pensioner from the area, said “It’s unacceptable that the council feel they can get away with only gritting main roads, and leaving our streets like ice rinks. How do they expect us to travel, when many people in this area are the elderly and less able? 

Last week, I had to ask my nephew if he would kindly do my shopping for me, as there was no way I could make it, even down the road, to the supermarket, without a high risk of me tumbling on the ice and causing myself some serious harm. Luckily, he was able to do the favour, but I’m sure there are people in the community that don’t have that option, leaving them no choice but to go out themselves.

I hate to sound like an old moaner, I just don’t want to have to read in next weeks paper, about people receiving avoidable  injuries, due to the icy conditions.”

Another lady added “The council should be ashamed. They should be serving the community, but it seems they are looking out for their own interests, spending millions of our money on tourism. There’s no excuse. Their role should be to look out for the locals, before attracting people from elsewhere.”

However, a gentleman from the community had a different view: “We had to put up with worse than this when I was growing up, you just had to get on with it. Around the col-de-sac that I live on, we’ve had a great sense of community, as a result. We’ve had the younger lads shovelling the snow off our drive ways and foot paths, which is greatly appreciated.

I’m normally at scrooge at this time of year, but this time around, I’m feeling the Christmas spirit!”

“It was good for the first few days” said a year 11 Headlands School pupil, “we got to have a few days off, so we went to Sewerby Park to go sledging and have a snowball fight. Then it turned to ice. If had a snowball threw at you now, it’d probably knock you out. I hope we get a load more for the Christmas holidays though!”

With more snow expected to fall in the next few days, let’s hope the gritters are out and the number of accidents is kept to a minimum!

Bridlington Lions Club Christmas Concert 0

Posted on December 14, 2010 by jdobson

After a long day at work, I can quite safely say that I wasn’t overly excited to go to the Lions Club Christmas Concert held at the Spa. It was cold and dreary outside and I wasn’t even sure if many people would turn up.

 I could not have been more wrong! There were barely any seats when my two friends and I got there and we arrived over half an hour before it was due to start. After getting my raffle ticket we eventually found some seats with three together and settled in for an evening of Christmas cheer.

I’d not actually been in the Royal Hall at the Spa before and was pleasantly surprised by how warm it was. I was expecting to be sat shivering along to ‘White Christmas’!

The evening began with the Compere – Lion John Hall introducing the acts and thanking people for coming, along with telling some pretty questionable jokes, although I did laugh.

 Part One began with a rendition of ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ sang by soloist Celia Bateman, the Bridlington Classical Pop Singers and then by everyone in the audience.

The Bridlington Classical Pop Singers then carried on the show with ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Silver Bells’, ‘Blue Christmas’ and a very spirited version of the Shakin’ Stevens Christmas classic ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’. Everyone in the audience was clapping and singing and for me that really kicked off the evening.

The Driffield Silver Band

The Driffield Silver Band came on shortly after and played ‘Christmas Joy’, ‘Away in a Manger’ with flugel soloist Mike Waudby, ‘The First Noel’ and ‘Santaclaustrophobia’ and then played ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ which was fully participated in by the audience.

The Burlington School Junior Choir came on and sang ‘Tell out the News’, ‘Christmas Hit’, ‘Sans Carol’ and ‘Noel, Noel’. Even though the piano accompaniment didn’t bode well with the speakers in the Hall, the children were very good, especially the two girls who did a duet. The efforts of the children and their teacher must be applauded!

Then we all sang a carol I’d never heard of before (so I’ll admit I mimed), Calypso Carol.

In the interval the raffle was drawn and the prizes were amazing. Three massive hampers lined up next to the stage, but hopefully the money raised made it well worth having a go, even if I didn’t win.

In Part two we all sang ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ which really got people going and then with the Classical Pop Singers doing ‘Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow’, ‘Mary’s Boy Child’, ‘I wish it Could be Christmas Everyday’, ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and the final one was ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ by Slade. Everyone was waving their arms, clapping, singing, dancing in their seats. Then we all sang ‘Hark the Herald Angels sing’.

The Driffield Silver Band came back on for their versions of ‘Reindeer Express’, ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree’.

‘O come all ye faithful’ was last on the agenda and I was surprised I remembered all the words from singing it in Primary School!

It was a night that I really enjoyed and I would encourage everyone to go to. It was free and a lot of fun. There weren’t a great deal of young people there aside from myself and my friends, which I think is a shame. Everyone I know who is my age has a Christmas CD in their car and it was an event that is not only a good way to while away a cold and rainy night but also to help to charity.

 To see the video made click here

Many thanks to the Bridlington Lions Club for a great night!

Bridlington Advent Beach Huts – Well Under Way 0

Posted on December 13, 2010 by jdobson

As many people know, there have been some very special events happening in Beach Hut Number 1 on Bridlington’s South Side for the past couple of weeks.

Advent Beach Huts has been running since December 1st and is in its second year. Reverend Ben Norton, his family and friends have worked very hard to make these events entertaining, and so far, they haven’t disappointed.

The first night saw a POW of superheroes descend on the hut to begin telling the story of a timeless hero. With a superhero costume draped over a hay-filled manger, the scene was set for the events yet to come.

Romans visited for the second night with traditional Roman food and Roman soldiers playing games.

The third night saw children making a large mosaic of Mary, while on the 4th; a wedding dress was made of scrap to celebrate the engagement of Mary and Joseph.

The fifth night presented a live puppet show, telling the story of when the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary.

Monday the 6th’s theme was all about Joseph’s dream with an angel and dreams workshop, while on the 7th – this was when the journey begins. The 8th saw the start of the journey to Bethlehem with an interactive drama group showcasing a performance on the theme.

The ninth night was all about the donkey the travelled on. With the Emanuel Church playgroup workshop. The children made their own paper donkeys and could place them in the Hut for their own Donkey Stable. There was pin the tail on the donkey outside the hut and hot chocolate available for everyone.

These events really aren’t to be missed. They bring back the proper story of Christmas, but in a fun, exciting way, rather than sitting in a freezing church listening to bible passages. It’s brilliant for kids and is only on for an hour an evening so there really is no excuse. Get yourselves down there to the Southside Beach Huts between 6pm and 7pm every night for something fun to get you in the Christmas mood.

Click here to see the full list of events

Click here to see more pictures from the events

Ice vs. East Riding Council 4

Posted on December 08, 2010 by jdobson

Victoria Road this morning - paths thick with ice even where it has been dug up

As the weather is getting colder and colder, it’s becoming more and more of a problem, particularly in this area.

The snow has been coming over East Yorkshire for nearly two weeks now, and with no sign of it stopping properly anytime soon it leads people to wonder what the council is planning to do about it.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has posted on the Bridlington Free Press website yesterday and today updating on what is going on with gritters in the area and Humberside Police are also urging drivers to take care in the adverse conditions.

It said “The fleet of gritters treated main roads across the East Riding overnight and temperatures were down again around -10 degrees. It was a dry evening with no snow”. Except it wasn’t. I live outside of Bridlington near Driffield and we had some (albeit a thin covering of) snow. The main roads have clearly been gritted, but not enough to prevent more ice forming. The main road out of Driffield towards places like North Frodingham is barely ever gritted – and runs right next to a deep canal!

I know it’s ridiculous to suggest that every single road in the county should be gritted because there simply aren’t the resources to do that. But I know that the road between Driffield and Beverley is particularly hazardous and not a great deal has been done about that.

Most pathways in the very centre of Bridlington have been cleared sufficiently but most major residential areas haven’t been touched.

It was reported on the Bridlington Free Press website about the people living in the warden run homes on Kent Road, most of them being disabled and use walking sticks or mobility scooters, have not been able to leave their homes as the bungalows are at the bottom of a steep slope which is now thick with ice.

I understand that many people in residential areas have taken matters into their own hands and shovelled ice and snow from the footpaths outside their homes, which I did. It’s hard work but it must be done. The council can barely grit where they have to never mind where they don’t.

To top it all off, the roads are now in an even worse state than they were before, especially the road from Driffield to Bridlington. As many of you may know there had been road works between Bracey Bridge and Burton Agnes for weeks resurfacing the road, and they’ve done a good job. However once you get through Thornholme the pot holes are getting worse. I even saw mobile road works there yesterday on my way to work. What exactly is the point in resurfacing it; it’s just putting money into something which could have been prevented.

Many cars are being damaged by the compact ice and snow and it’s even more dangerous now pedestrians walk on the cleared roads to get off the ice-rink foot paths.

Have you got an opinion about the gritting or anything else? Have your say.

Burton Agnes Hall Christmas Opening 1

Posted on December 07, 2010 by jdobson

Burton Agnes Hall

Last weekend I went to Burton Agnes Hall for their Christmas Opening. I took my mum along for some company and we weren’t disappointed!

We visited last year before Christmas to look at the decorations for something to do and found that it was something we both really enjoyed, this year was no exception.

We arrived at the Hall on Sunday morning and it was much busier than we had expected. Loads of families with small children were among the many visitors. The walk from the car park up to the Hall was picturesque with the snow covering the grounds.

As soon as we got to the door we were greeted by a huge wreath made from twigs and dried Clementine skins and an enormous Christmas tree in the entrance hall. All the decorations were handmade by either the family who reside at the Hall, the Cunliffe-Listers, employees and some were made by

Spot the Snowman!

 the children who attend Burton Agnes School. There was an opportunity to ‘spot the snowman’ in every room. There was a knitted snowman hidden somewhere in each room, which proved fun with the children who were in groups touring the Hall. It was fun for me until my mum kept finding him first!

Crackers, blown glass baubles, wreaths and a gorgeous gingerbread house were all on display in the Great Hall.

Each room was decorated in a different way, many with the curtains drawn to show the

The Chinese Room

 full effect of the twinkling lights used. My favourite was the Chinese Room.

There were traditional decorations adorning some of the sprayed plants, which were all gathered from parts of the gardens, as well as modern ones. In the Small Hall, silver birch was sprayed white with glass baubles, all displayed in a gigantic martini glass vase.

Up the stairs there were “twiggy” hearts wrapped in red twinkly lights and in the White Drawing Room, sprayed silver birch surrounded old sycamore branches in a woodland display.

In the Queens Bedroom (which is said to be haunted) were tepees made by the gardeners with glass and silver baubles and twinkling lights.

The Library was decorated by stars made by the children of Burton Agnes CE Primary School, with each class making and decorating a star.

Santa's Grotto

Santa’s Hall Grotto, just off the Long Gallery was filled with a dispay of presents and on the table were letters and pens so kids can write a letter to Santa, who was sat in the corner of the room, wearing sunglasses!

The whole of the Hall was spectacularly decorated, with some of them being available to buy in the shops in the courtyard, which we took full advantage of! They were so reasonably priced. I bought lots of blown glass baubles in the shape of

Woodland Display in the White Drawing Room

wrapped sweets for 99p which were all decorated in a different way, also some of the woodland animals that were on display in the White Drawing Room.

The Cafe was buzzing by the time we made it in there. It was so busy we had trouble finding a seat! They serve lots of things from full meals, traditional wines and beers, a large array of teas and hot drinks and also cakes and snacks. The chocolate brownie was lovely and I recommend everyone try one!

It was £7.00 entry for adults, £6.50 for seniors and £3.50 for children. It was a great afternoon out and it was fun for all the family. It also provided my mum and I with some great ideas for our own decorations this year.

If you haven’t been I suggest you do, especially while this weather holds up!

For more information, click here.

To see more pictures click here.

MC Porter 0

Posted on November 26, 2010 by lward

Name: MC (Danny) Porter

Age: 19

Genre: Rap/Hip-hop/Comedy


MC Porter started rapping when he was studying music production at Bridlington College. Drawing influences from artists like Eminem, Jay-Z, The Streets and The Clash, the rapper hopes to raise awareness of social issues that affect the youth of today.

East Yorkshire lacks a strong rap/hip-hop scene, and most of what people do produce in the UK is heavier and more grime based. What style of rap do you consider yourself to have?

I like to experiment but I’d say it’s quite old skool; like original 80’s rap like Wu Tang Clan and N.W.A. There doesn’t seem to be that much interest in that any more, but that’s the sort of rap I like, so that’s the sort of rap I’m going to do.

It seems most rappers these days have gone more pop-based, it’s not from the heart. They can make up some crap rhymes about ho’s and money, stick a bit of auto-tune on their voice and it’ll sell.

I like to have a laugh with what I do, because at the end of the day, I’m not from the slums, I’m from Brid. I’ve met people who think that because they rap, they’re also a gun-wielding gangster from the ghettos of Compton.

Keep it real.


Some people consider your lyrical themes controversial. Do you plan what you say or just go with the flow?

Most of it comes off the top of my head – whatever’s in there, comes out.  That’s what I like about freestyling, it’s spontaneous, and so, potentially I could rap about anything. I think that’s why people get offended, but most people just laugh. As long as people enjoy it, I don’t really care.

“If you don’t like it, you can go listen to Justin Bieber instead!”

 Some of your lyrics refer to the major problem of unemployment. It is said to affect the North East and under 25’s the worst. Speaking as the voice of a generation, what hope do young people in this area have if they want a successful career?

Not much, if I’m honest. All you need to do is look at the Job Centre website to realise what career opportunities are. Unless you’re happy working at McDonalds or shelf stacking your whole life, it’s looking pretty bleak!

On the unemployed bit, I’ve actually just got a job now, after months of looking for one. All I can suggest is to hand your CV in to loads of places and hope you get a response.

Don’t lose hope either and don’t feel too pressured by the Job Centre. Loads of people are in the same boat, it is a recession after all.

Qualifications don’t always mean everything either. I know a lad who is now back in Brid, on the dole, after doing a 3 year degree at uni. I hardly got any GCSE’s and I’m the one with the job. I don’t get it. 

You don’t hesitate to express your political beliefs, particularly towards David Cameron and the new coalition government. For those who haven’t listened to your music, what is your opinion on the current political situation in the UK?


I don’t like the Conservatives or what they stand for and I don’t think they will be the ones to get us out of this recession.

“The country will believe any posh guy in a suit.”

I reckon they’ll make the rich richer and the poor poorer, which won’t help the unemployment problem at all. People born into a rich family will have the best opportunities, to go on to be further educated and take the top jobs, while we have to settle for second best. It’s not on.

They’ve stopped EMA as well, which I think is suicide to take away. Loads of people relied on the benefit to get to college, for their equipment and for food. As a result, I can see people having to quit college because they can’t afford to get there. Then the alternative for them is to sign on to Job Seekers Allowance, which will end up costing the Government more!

What would be more ideal?

Tough one. They all have pros and cons but they’re all full of lies, based on false promises. They’re out for themselves, once they got voted into power, they don’t care about the people. We’re not going to have a government that works, anytime in the near future.

So, I’d say, me for Prime Minister. That’ll do!

 From your lyrics, especially in the track ‘Where’s Ya School?’ it is made clear that you don’t like certain parts of the Bridlington music scene. Why is this?

It’s a joke. It’s all sweat and jailbait, if I’m allowed to say that. They don’t really seem interested in the music, they just turn up to see a bunch of perverts prancing around the stage, making noise. If my 14 year old daughter turned up to one of those gigs, I’d ground her! I know it’s just my opinion, but it’s one shared by half of the people in Brid! The bands just rip-off each others songs anyway, there’s nothing original about it. It’s just another crap teen scene.

There needs to be a suitable venue as well. Rock-it Club at Queens Hotel was spot on. Good bands played regularly, the locals were a laugh and you could have a beer or two while watching the bands. Instead, we’ve got half a room in an Internet cafe, where you can’t drink, or get too lively or you’ll break a computer! It takes the fun out of gigs. We need improvements.

Like what?

Give new things a try.

A lot of places should open their eyes to live entertainment, particularly music because at the minute it’s the same places putting on the same acts.

I’ve been told before “You should start something up yourself if you want to see your genre popularised.” Thing is, there’s not enough rappers in the area to get anything decent going. It’ll just be a waste of time at the minute.

But there’s nothing wrong with mixing genres together, especially rap. Look at the Jay-Z and Linkin Park album, plus, before that there was Run DMC and Aerosmith. They are both quality collaborations. I can’t see many bands around here being open to that idea though, they won’t give anything else a chance. It’s the same stuff for the same scene but I’m willing to listen to them if they’re willing to listen to me.

 Would you ever do collaborations with other local artists?

Yeah. Anyone but Forever and a Day, really. It’s not my style and I doubt their fans would appreciate me!

To see MC Porter’s Facebook page, click here.





Fish & Chips at 149 – Best Chippy in the North East! 2

Posted on November 23, 2010 by lward

Even on these cold winter evenings, people are regularly seen queuing down the road, waiting to be served at one of the country’s top ten chippies. Appropriately named, Fish & Chips at 149 is located at 149 Marton Road, where it has stood since it first opened, almost two years ago, in December 2008.

Owners, Matthew Silk and Tracy Poskitt have had over 20 years of experience and have won numerous awards between them.

Matthew Silk

Matthew, who is a Scarborough man, started his career when he was only 12, rumbling potatoes in a cellar. After leaving school, he learnt the trade, working at various fisheries, before he bought his first shop at 23. He became locally renowned for his quality food and ‘Silks’ grew into award-winning chippies, gaining the name of best Fish & Chip shops in Scarborough.

Tracy Poskitt

Tracy lives in Bridlington and started her career at 19, when she bought her first fisheries in South Kirby. She had two others, before settling in Bridlington, 7 years ago, when she bought Pride of Bridlington. She built up the shop’s reputation, and it wasn’t long before it starting winning awards, the most recent, being the Elite 5 star Quality Award from the Seafish Industry. Tracy is dedicated to the training and development of the staff, and is also and assessor for the Fish Frying and Customer Service Qualifications, ensuring her staff are up to the highest standard.

Matthew & Tracy - Proud Owners of 149

The two joined forces, for a brand new venture in the Fish & Chips industry, feeling they could benefit from each other’s experience.

The Goods

The team work with locally farmed, fresh potatoes for unique tasting chips. The fish is from sustainable sources, a lot of it line caught in Iceland and Norway, and is skinned and boned on site. Choose from the traditional Haddock and Cod, along with the choice of scampi and plaice. You can also add mushy peas, gravy or curry sauce for a small extra cost.

There is also a children’s menu for the younger customers!

For a full menu, click here.


October 2009- Become one of only 100 shops nationwide, to gain the prestigious 5 Star Seafish Fish Fryers Quality Award.

October 2010 – Named best fish & chip shop in North East of England in the National Fish & Chip Awards.

November 2010 – Best small business for Bridlington and The Wolds.


“The whole family had tried various fish and chips in Bridlington over the stay and visits, but this is on another experience. We would drive from Leicester to Bridlington just for these! Enough said about how good they are!”

“Sometimes, on my way home from work, I stop by 149 for my tea and have been queuing out the door! Never-the-less, I would still stand and wait in pouring rain and be guaranteed the quality and service that I have grown to expect from this shop! Keep up the good work!”

“A family favourite. The staff are friendly and the service is brilliant. 10/10, well done guys.”

 ”Tastes like no other fish & chips in Bridlington, spot on!”

If you would like to find out more about, or contact Fish & Chips at 149, you can follow them on their Facebook page, where you can find new special offers and keep up to date with what’s going on!

The shop is open daily from 11:30 – 2pm and 4 – 9pm, so be sure to drop by and pick up the best fish & chips in town!

Revelstoke Hotel does Children in Need 0

Posted on November 23, 2010 by jdobson

The Revelstoke Hotel

The Revelstoke Hotel is holding their own event for Children in Need on the 26th November.

The Murder Mystery Evening.

“The year is 1938, and the Revelstoke Hotel is holding its annual charity ball. But when a dastardly murder takes place after the meal, who will solve the mystery? Will the murdered get their just desserts?”

The event will take place in the beautiful function room of the hotel, where you can choose to come for the evening and the meal or stay the night.

The Dinner and Show Package:

Arrival at 6:30pm where you will meet the owner – and the suspects!

A chance to gather evidence and clues hidden around the room

A delicious three course dinner served at 7:30pm

Entertainment from hostess Kelly Barugh

A dramatic murder scene!

At the end of the night the murdered will be revealed and prizes including champagne and shopping vouchers will be given out, as well as the coveted detective’s trophy.

The Accommodation Package:

Includes all of the above

A room in the hotel the night of the show with breakfast in the morning

Exclusive clues hidden around your room

The theme of the night is 1930’s Annual Charity Ball so the people at the Revelstoke have kindly asked that people come dressed for the occasion, in suits or fancy frocks. You don’t have to come in period dress, modern attire is fine.

As the event is for Children in Need a percentage from each ticket will be given to charity, special cocktails will be served and a raffle to raise more money.

Tickets are available from the hotel and MUST be prebooked along with your meal choices for the night. Menus will be provided with your tickets.

Dinner and Show Package: £22.50 per person (meal and show only)

Accommodation Package: £54.50 per person (meal, show, bed and breakfast based on two people sharing a double/twin room)

Let us know if you attend this event, we want to hear about your experience!!!


Children In Need Fundraiser – Parade, Bridlington 1

Posted on November 23, 2010 by jdobson

Last Friday was Children in Need day. All over the UK people were holding events to raise money for the charity and Bridlington was no different.

The Parade

There was a fundraiser held at the Parade on Cliff Street and I must say it was a night I won’t be forgetting for quite a while.

I arrived with my friends at around 8 o’clock to be greeted by a large man dressed as a St Trinians school girl! I had been told about the fancy dress but had decided not to participate. As I went to the bar I saw someone dressed as Pudsey bear, a gangster, Elvis and even a baby!!!!

Everyone was having a good go on the karaoke while people were walking round with collection buckets.

They were selling raffle tickets too. I bought a strip for £1 but was a bit taken a back when I heard that the prizes were joints of meat. Not too sure that a joint of meat would’ve done that well sitting in the boot of my car and not in a fridge. Since I wasn’t going to be going home for hours afterwards I was just glad I didn’t win and someone who could’ve eaten it won.

Matthew Chambers (Before He Shaved His Head) and Stephanie Bain

The buffet was served shortly after we arrived with a large array of sandwiches and things on offer. Cheap drinks were a great incentive to be there as well.

Some people were doing different things for charity. One man waxed his chest, with people paying £1 per strip that they could rip off. A few people took on the task and he was left silky smooth!

Others were shaving their head and another man was stripping also. Matthew Chambers, who shaved his head, raised £104 for the challenge, all the while being dressed as Superman!

Over £1000 was raised in all on the night and it’s still coming.

To make a donation, nip into the Parade on your way past and speak to Milly behind the bar.

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