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THINK! Don’t Drink and Drive this Christmas

Posted on December 23, 2010 by jdobson

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you can get away with over indulgence, and enjoy it. Undoubtedly wherever you are the alcohol will be flowing.

Please, make sure you don’t drink and drive.

It’s a fact that drink driving occurs more around the Christmas period. Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive. There is no foolproof way of drinking and staying under the limit, or of knowing how much an individual person can drink and still drive safely. Each person’s tolerance to alcohol depends on a range of factors such as weight, age, stress and yes even gender.

So, the only safe option is not to drink alcohol if you plan to drive, and never offer an alcoholic drink to someone else who is intending to drive.

The THINK! strategy for drink driving is to remind all drivers of the personal consequences of drink driving, and that a drink driving conviction can ruin your life. They found that the long-term implications of drink driving, such as imprisonment or a criminal record, a 12 month driving ban or an endorsement that stays on your license for 11 years are much more shocking and compelling than the risk of crashing and harming themselves or others.

Their work with partners in the pub environment takes a different approach. It aims to improve the night of designated drivers by providing them with soft drink offers and other benefits during their night out. I’m a tea-totaller and have benefitted from these offers before, since I’m the designated driver on most occasions. Diet Coke all the way!

Some people may say that it’s boring not to have a drink over the Christmas period after your last day at work or a few in the pub on Christmas Eve, but then the inevitable question of “How will I get home?” and “How will I get the car home otherwise?” ensues.

Yes, taxis do cost more this time of year, but the cost is far less than what can possibly happen if you decide to take the car home yourself.

Imagine the embarrassment of having to tell people why you’re not driving. Saying you’ve been banned because you were over the limit makes you look like a total idiot and I have no qualms about saying that.

Tea-totalling on a night out isn’t boring either. I take great joy in making fun of people for their drunken antics the night before and I always have photographic evidence as most of my friends will agree (and hate me for). A hangover is far too much effort, especially on Christmas Day. Who wants to wake up on Christmas morning with the smell of dinner throughout the house and it making them sick? Where’s the fun in that?

Now, I’m not a kill-joy. I have no problem with my friends drinking, but drink driving is a serious problem.

This is a subject that is hugely close to my heart and I would hope that anyone that reads this takes into consideration that drink driving could not only ruin your life, it could cost someone else theirs.

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