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Fibre Speed Broadband available in rural areas around Bridlington

Posted on April 05, 2013 by shayhurst

Rural businesses and homes in villages and small towns around the Bridington and Driffield area can now access Internet Speeds of up to 20mb/ps despite not being near enough to a local exchange with fibre to the cabinet. This has been made possible by a substantial investment by Driffield based company L N Communications Ltd who promote the service through the trading name ilovebroadband.

This service is made possible through the creation of a fibre backed service which sends a wireless signal into local communities. Each property on the network has a small receiver secured onto their tv mast and a special router which can even run phone calls without the need for a landline and associated cost. This service is known as Voip and means calls between Voip users are free and chargable calls significantly reduced.

ilovebroad has over 1,000 customers using the service to date and is expanding all the time.

For further information either visit or call 0845 6435811.

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